26*JPN Wheel Soap


26*JPN Wheel Soap

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26JPN Wheel Soap is a synergistic blend of deep cleaning surfactants for optimum cleaning performance whilst being gentle to polished, painted, lacquered, and anodised wheels.

  • Highly Concentrated
  • pH Neutral
  • Dedicated Wheel Cleaner
  • Wheel Sealant Safe

26JPN Wheel Soap gently breaks down brake dust and road grime, surface agitation with 26JPN Detail Brushes and deeper cleaning using the 26JPN Wheel Brush pulls off from stubborn areas.

26JPN Wheel Soap is also excellent for deep scrubbing rubber tyre walls especially before the application of 26JPN Hydro Tyre.

26JPN Wheel Soap is non-toxic, biodegradable and phosphate free.

Directions for Use

  • Pour 50ml to 75ml to a 20L bucket of warm water depending on the cleaning requirement. If in a hard water area, then use a little more than this.
  • Bring the water to a lather.
  • A dedicated wheel 26JPN Microfibre Wash Mitt can be used to apply the wheel soap to the wheel surface.
  • 26JPN Detail Brushes and 26JPN Wheel Brush can further agitate the surfaces for a deeper clean.
  • Thoroughly pressure washer off and then dry with a microfibre towel.