Blanket (pH Neutral Snow Foam)


Blanket (pH Neutral Snow Foam)

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Blanket (pH Neutral Snow Foam)

Blanket Snow Foam is designed to loosen dirt and road grime prior to contact washing. Removing or softening dirt and road grime before the contact wash can have a massive impact on maintaining paint condition and preventing unsightly swirl marks and other damage. 

Blanket will dwell on he paints surface loosening dirt and grime, without stripping any of your precious LSP. Blanket’s PH neutral formula will break down excess dirt to leave behind a nicely prepped surface for washing.

Benefits of using Blanket;

•PH neutral formulation that’s gentle on waxes and lsp. 

•Loosens dirt and road grime With ease

•Dwells nicely without being too thick, helping the dirt to run off the paint

•Pleasantly Fragranced

•Helps to prevent paint damage by removing dirt prior to contact washing

How to use;

1. Mix Blanket at a ratio of 1:9 with water (1 part Blanket to 9 parts water) into a snow foam lance (you can adjust the ratios to produce a thicker/thinner foam)

2. Ensure the car has been thoroughly rinsed with a pressure washer or hose prior to applying blanket. 

3. Cover the whole vehicle in a layer of Blanket and allow to dwell for around 5 minutes

4. Rinse off Blanket using your pressure washer

Top tips;

•Once the car has been rinsed of Blanket Snow Foam, use our Glide shampoo to wash the vehicle 

A snow foam lance is required to apply this product