Blanket (pH Neutral Snow Foam)


Blanket (pH Neutral Snow Foam)

Blanket (pH neutral high foam prewash) 

Blanket Snow foam is our high foaming pre-wash cleaner, designed to break down dirt and traffic film prior to contact washing.

Blanket is a highly concentrated, high foaming and powerful cleaning Prewash that is a safe to use on all types of paintwork, wheels and trim.

Once applied the pH neutral formula breaks down excess dirt, dust, and grime to leave behind a prepped surface for washing.

How To Use:

  1. Mix blanket snow foam at a ratio of 1 part foam to 9 parts water into a snow foam lance. 
  2. Apply the foam to the vehicle working from top to bottom. 
  3. Leave blanket to dwell for around 5 minutes; blanket will loosen dirt, grime and traffic film. 
  4. Rinse off blanket snow foam from the vehicle and wash as normal. 

Top Tip:

If no snow foam lance is available to use, you can use blanket through a jet wash chemical feed or spray onto the vehicle using a pressure sprayer.