Car-Chem Leather 2-in-1 Cleaner and conditioner


Car-Chem Leather 2-in-1 Cleaner and conditioner

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Car-Chem Leather 2in1 is our dual-action leather cleaner and conditioner.

Car-Chem Leather 2in1 is suitable for use on all types of leather interior. Not only does it clean, it then moisturises, replenishes the natural oils and extends the life of your leather.

The specially formulated emollient technology keeps your leather soft, and prevents it from drying and cracking.

How To Use:

  1. Spray Car-Chem Leather 2in1 on to the leather you wish to treat.
  2. Spread evenly across the surface using a foam applicator pad.
  3. Let the specialist emollient and surfactants work for a few minutes.
  4. Wipe over with a clean, lint free microfibre to absorb any excess product.

Top Tip:

For ingrained dirt, you can agitate with a detailing brush.