Dissolve (Acid Free Wheel Cleaner)


Dissolve (Acid Free Wheel Cleaner)

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Dissolve (Acid Free Wheel Cleaner)

Dissolve wheel cleaner is a powerful and effective wheel cleaner that will remove brake dust, iron fallout and general dirt from wheels. Dissolve is formulated to be acid free, so there is no risk of damaging the wheels surface. Dissolve is also safe to use on cars with carbon ceramic brake discs.

Benefits of using Dissolve;

ā€¢Powerful and effective wheel cleaner

ā€¢Dissolves brake dust and other contaminationĀ 

ā€¢Restores gloss to wheelsĀ 

ā€¢Safe to use on all wheel types including cars with ceramic brake discs

ā€¢Foams up nicely when agitated, lifting dirt and grime with ease

How To Use:

1. Rinse the wheel and under the arch area with a pressure washer to remove as much dirt as possibleĀ 

2. Spray Dissolve directly on to the wheel

3. Allow Dissolve to soak for s few minutes, during this time you can agitate it with a wheel or detailing brush

4. Rinse the wheel with a hose or pressure washer to remove the product

5. Repeat the process if necessary

Top tips;

ā€¢If the wheel isnā€™t heavily soiled, Dissolve can be used diluted into a detailing bottle to save product

ā€¢Use Dressing tyre shine to dress the tyres and complete the look

Sizes Available;

500ml, 1Litre & 5 Litre