Dressing (Long Lasting Tyre Shine)


Dressing (Long Lasting Tyre Shine)

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Dressing (Long Lasting Tyre Shine)

Dressing is our high gloss tyre dressing, designed to leave your tyres looking glossy and fresh. Dressing uses an effective, long lasting formula that will not only enhance the appearance of the tyre, but offer it protection from ageing and browning. Dressing is also supplied with an easy pour lid for ease of application.

Benefits of using Dressing;

•Leaves tyres with a deep gloss finish

•Helps protect tyres from signs of ageing

•Very easy to apply

•When applied properly to a clean, dry tyre, Dressing will last 2 weeks +

How to use;

1. Ensure the wheel and tyre are clean and dry

2. Apply a small amount of product to a tyre applicator (any small sponge can be used if an applicator isn’t to hand. An easy pour lid is supplied for ease of application)

3. Rub the applicator around the tyre ensuring even coverage. A second coat can be added if necessary

4. Allow the product to fully dry before driving the vehicle

Top tips;

•If a more satin look is preferred, a microfibre can be used to remove excess product before it is fully dried

•Allow Dressing to fully soak into the tyre and make sure it is fully dry before driving the vehicle, this will help maintain the lifespan of the tyre shine. At this stage a second coat can be added if necessary