Enhance (Interior Detailer / Dash Shine)


Enhance (Interior Detailer / Dash Shine)

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Enhance (Interior Detailer / Dash Shine)

Enhance is a 2-in-1 interior detailer, which cleans interior plastics whilst also leaving behind a nice satin finish. Enhance is very versatile and can be used on all interior plastic surfaces. Enhance will give your dash a restored look, adding subtle colour to dull black plastics. 

Benefits of using Enhance;

•Versatile 2-in-1 cleaner and dressing

•Gives dull dashboards a nice, subtle satin black finish

•Non greasy formula

•Leaves behind a subtle, pleasant fragrance that gives the interior a fresh smell

How to use;

1. Vacuum and dust the interior as normal

2. Spray Enhance directly onto a plush microfibre, until it’s lightly damp with product

3. Wipe down the entire dash and interior plastics using the damp microfibre, adding more product as needed 

4. Repeat the process with a dry, plush microfibre to remove excess product and leave behind a clean,  satin finish 

Top tips;

•Our 40x40 300gsm Microfibre cloths are perfect for use with Enhance, 1 to dust, 1 to apply The product and 1 to remove the excess product

•If you’d like a deeper satin finish, repeat the process again to add a second layer of product