Glide (pH Neutral Shampoo)


Glide (pH Neutral Shampoo)

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Glide (pH Neutral Shampoo)

Glide is our luxury, high foaming PH neutral shampoo, designed to be highly lubricating and leave behind a nice gloss finish. Glide will cut through dirt and road grime with ease, providing highly lubricating suds to reduce the chances of paint damage and swirl marks during the contact wash. 

How to use ;

1. Add 50ml of Glide to a detailing bucket and fill with water, using pressure from the tap or hose to activate the suds.

2. Wash the vehicle in the normal way, ideally using the 2 bucket method and working top to bottom.

3. Once the entire vehicle is washed, rinse away the remaining suds and dry the vehicle in your preferred way.