Refine & Protect Bundle


Refine & Protect Bundle

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Refine & Protect Bundle

Refine and protect your paintwork with this mini bundle. 

contents include;

1x 500ml Refresh Finishing Polish

1x 70ml Ultima Ceramic Wax

2x 300gsm Microfibres (colours vary)


Refresh pre-wax cleaner combines micro-abrasives and cleaners which remove contaminants, oxidisation and light swirls from paintwork to restore and refresh the surface ready for a finishing wax or sealant to be applied.

Refresh will restore depth and clarity to the surface and will enhance the performance and characteristics of our range of waxes and sealants.

Ultima Ceramic Wax;

A High Quality Ceramic Wax Coating that will leave all paintwork with a incredible enhanced high gloss and extreme  hydrophobic finish with added Sio2 . Our unique wax incorporates ceramic propertiesthat increases durability, slickness and gloss. Ultima wax leaves behind a radiant finish that will bead and sheet water very well and will protect against all elements.

Seals and protects the paintwork and gloss finish for up to 6 months

Very easy to apply unlike some ceramic infused products. Apply to a couple of panels at a time and leave to cure for 5-10 minutes before removing with a plush microfibre cloth.