Royal (Sio2 Ceramic Detailer)


Royal (Sio2 Ceramic Detailer)

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Royal (Sio2 Ceramic Detailer)

Royal has been formulated to be simple to use, with the added benefit of adding a gloss finish and protective coating in a single application. 

Infused with Sio2, Royal gives excellent gloss levels and protection. The results are instant and can be seen by the way water behaviour changes on the vehicles paint. Royal produces excellent beading qualities for a product of this type.

benefits of using Royal;

•Simple and easy to use formulation

•Enhances gloss levels

•Offers excellent protection from the elements, road grime and other harmful contamination 

How to apply;

1. Ensure the vehicle is clean & dry

2. Spray a light coat of Royal onto a single panel

3. Wipe in to the panel with a clean, dry microfibre

4. using a separate clean, dry plush microfibre, buff off Royal to a high gloss shine

Top Tips;

• Do not apply Royal in direct sunlight or extremely hot conditions

• Do not allow Royal to dry onto panels; wipe in and buff off immediately after application 

•Must be stored at around room temperature, and not in overly cold conditions, where the product is likely to freeze.