SVS Automotive Wash Kit

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SVS Automotive Wash Kit

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SVS Wash Kit

1x 500ml wash and wax Carnauba infused 

SVS watermelon wash & wax is the perfect maintenance shampoo strong enough to break down dirt & grime while laying down a sweet layer of fruity protection on your bodywork. With the amazing dilution rate of 1:800 you get more for your money each time. loaded with a clear coat safe carnauba, SVS melon wash & wax Leaves a deep glossy just waxed shine every time.

Rinse car of loose dirt, snow foam car to break down further tough grime and rinse again.

Pour the desired amount of melon W&W into wash bucket. Fill with warm water, dunk your wash mitt and your on to a winner.

1x 500ml snow foam 

SVS Automotive snow foam when used with a lance creates a thick layer of foam that helps to remove dirt from your vehicle. This will not strip wax or other protective coatings from your paint work. SVS snow foam has a amazing dilution rate, meaning you get a lot of washes from the 500ml bottle. This snow foam is extra thick and clings to the paint, loosening dirt and traffic film.

1x 500ml wheel cleaner

SVS’s newly formulated Wheel Cleaner is ideal for all wheel types. The unmatched and unique formula helps break down road grime & brake dust. Spray it directly on your wheels and you can rinse away contaminants. For more stubborn dirt or brake dust re-apply to the wheel and agitate with a wheel brush. Wheel Cleaner is safe on virtually every wheel finish so it can be used with confidence. Spray a generous coating onto your Alloys and agitate with a brush or sponge. Finally, rinse off.

Bundle and save with this SVS wash kit.