Reflect (Gloss Enhancer)


Reflect (Gloss Enhancer)

Reflect (Gloss Enhancer)

Reflect is perfect when you need to give paint a gloss boost! Reflect is very versatile and can be used like a Quick Detailer, which also seals the paint and leaves behind a deep gloss finish. Perfect for shows or when you just need that extra shine. 

Benefits of using Reflect;

•Simple and easy to use formulation 

•Adds a very deep gloss to paint

•Can be used as a Quick Detailer 

•Perfect for shows to give that extra shine quickly and easily

How to apply;

1. Spray a light coat of Reflect onto a single panel

2. Wipe in to the panel with a clean, dry microfibre

3. using a separate clean, dry plush microfibre, buff off Reflect to a high gloss shine

Top Tips;

• Do not apply Reflect in direct sunlight or extremely hot conditions

• Do not allow Reflect to dry onto panels; wipe in and buff off immediately after application