About Us

DLS Valeting Products was founded in 2018 through a passion for cars and vehicle detailing. Our products are aimed at car enthusiasts and professionals who are looking for products that are both easy and rewarding to use, as well as producing an outstanding finish. All of our products have been extensively tried and tested, to ensure they deliver excellent results. All dlsvp products are custom made, so you can be sure you can’t buy these products from anywhere else and we are confident you will enjoy using them as much as we do.

As well as our liquid products, we also provide a range of high quality accessories, including microfibres, wash mitts and drying towels. These products are produced on our behalf by a very reputable company who also produces items for high end companies. If it has our logo on it, you know it isn’t going to disappoint!

Along with our superb range of products, we also pride ourselves on our customer service and after sales support. We are also active on social media too and have a great community around our brand, so be sure to follow us for updates on new products and news. Links to our social media can be found below on the footer menu. Thank you for visiting.

DLS Valeting Products UK