26*JPN Micro Twist Drying Towel
26*JPN Micro Twist Drying Towel


26*JPN Micro Twist Drying Towel

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26JPN Micro Twist Drying Towel has a dense structure that is highly durable. This large 70 x 90cm towel has a construction that is double layered and sided meaning it can soak up more than double the amount of volume of comparable towels. The technology of the micro twist is unique and gives the 960gsm towel a short tight nap.

  • Double Layered and Sided
  • Extended Durability
  • 70 x 90cm
  • 960gsm

This ultra-plush drying towel helps minimise marring and is more than large enough to dry most large vehicles.

Wash machine washable and 100% Korean microfibre.