26*JPN Wheel Brush


26*JPN Wheel Brush

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26JPN Wheel Brush is designed to be scratchless, safe, and thorough from the off. A high density of bristles are used, with the actual brush being 10cm wide.

  • Super soft PP bristles
  • Bonded tip to protect your rims
  • Flexible structure allows the brush to be bent
  • Knuckle guard for safe usage

We’ve used super soft PP bristles and a bonded brush tip to ensure that whether you have painted, chrome, powder coated, or polished wheels they remain safe. This allows you to know you can safely scrub deep inside while using the flexible structure of the brush to bend it around brake calipers, inside wheel rims and behind wheel spokes. Its great on engine bays too!

The comfortable handle on the 26JPN Wheel Brushwith its knuckle guard means you can detail with confidence.

Directions for Use

  1. Pre-rinse off any heavy dirt, grime and mud from the wheel
  2. Use our Wheel Cleaner or Wheel Soap to agitate the wheel using the Wheel Brush
  3. Rinse the wheel thoroughly and then dry it with a microfiber towel