XL Chenille Wash Pad (270mm x 270mm)


XL Chenille Wash Pad (270mm x 270mm)

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XL Chenille Wash Pad

This chenille car wash pad is the perfect addition to your car detailing supplies, cleaning your vehicle quickly and gently. 

Designed to be extra gentle on delicate surfaces and finishes, including paint, chrome and vehicle wraps.

Removes dirt and contaminants efficiently, soft tendrils are safer on surfaces than harsh sponges.

Lightweight for easy handling, simple to use, absorbs water and holds suds, delivering professional car cleaning results with the wave of your hand.

27-cm x 27-cm x 4 cm one size fits all, very durable; easy care, just gently rinse with cool water and leave to dry in open air.

27cm x 27cm