Fine Detailing Clay


Fine Detailing Clay

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Fine Grade Detailing Clay is the perfect way to decontaminate your paintwork thoroughly.

Made from a highly engineered resin compound, our Fine Grade Detailing Clay is designed to be used for regular maintenance, removing light contamination. The Fine Grade Detailing Clay is designed to glide over the surface of your paintwork, clinging onto anything that sticks up from the surface of the paint including; grime, tree sap, metal dust and tar. These contaminants are picked up regularly during day to day driving and can cause uneccesarry wear on your paint. These contaminants are difficult to remove using normal polishes and paint cleansers.
Fine Grade Detailing Clay is gentle enough that it will not mark or marr your paintwork, but strong enough to remove contaminants, leaving your paintwork feeling as smooth as glass.
It can also be used on glass to remove any hard to remove contaminants.
Detailing Clay should always be used in conjunction with a Clay Lubricant or Quick Detailer.
How To Use:
  1. Wash and dry your vehicle.
  2. Spray a small area with clay lubricant.
  3. Gently rub the clay back and forth across the wet area. It will drag at first. This means that it is pulling contaminants out of the paint. When it glides
    freely, the paintwork is clean.
  4. Wipe the area with a clean microfibre cloth and use the clay lubricant to remove any clay residue. Rub your fingers across the paint now; it should be as smooth as glass. If it’s not, repeat the process. Reshape the clay bar as needed to expose a clean surface. Keep the clay well-lubricated.
  5. Continue these steps until you’ve clayed the entire vehicle.
  6. Always follow claying with a wax or sealant. Clay removes existing wax layers.

Top Tip:

Clay can also be used on your glass and chrome.